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National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

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National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day is an annual observance that takes place on April 10 to educate the public about the impact of HIV and AIDS on young people and to highlight the work young people are doing across the country to respond to the epidemic. Advocates for Youth Exit Disclaimer is the planning lead.

The NYHAAD site Exit Disclaimer offers ideas, graphics and other resources to help engage youth.

With this year's observance, Advocates for Youth is encouraging efforts to address stigma. The tag line is Young, Free & Positive, that we can end HIV.

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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD)

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Visit Positive Spin to:

  • Watch the stories of unique experiences along the HIV Care Continuum.
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CDC’s Doing It campaign

CDC’s Doing It campaign is intended to reach youth and others at risk for HIV.  Watch this trailer in which young adults speak about the importance of HIV testing Exit Disclaimer and why they are #DoingIt.

Visit Exit Disclaimer This Adolescent HIV/AIDS Prevention National Resource Center site offers  emerging and evidence-based practices and resources for youth-serving professionals to help prevent adolescent HIV/AIDS.

Download and share this CDC fact sheet on HIV Among Youth (PDF, 553 KB). Learn the HIV/AIDS Basics.

Resources from the Community

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Use and share this NYHAAD toolkit. Exit Disclaimer

Visit this page and choose “About NYHAAD” Exit Disclaimer for common questions about the observance.

Read the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The Strategy is the nation's first-ever comprehensive coordinated HIV/AIDS roadmap. Read the Strategy (PDF 1.34 MB) and a new White House report on progress related to the Strategy. (PDF, 1.89 MB). Learn more about the Strategy here.

The HIV Care Continuum Initiative is part of the Strategy. Watch this video Exit Disclaimer to learn more.

How can you help implement the Strategy in your community?

Other HIV/AIDS Awareness Days


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Download the HIV/AIDS Awareness Days postcard here (PDF, 1.49MB).