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June 5th: HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day

June 5 is HIV Long-Term Survivors Day. With this observance people across the nation join together to celebrate and honor the Long-Term Survivors of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to raise awareness about the needs, issues and journeys of HIV Long-Term Survivors (HLTS).

The 2016 theme is “Moving Forward Together”. The community lead for this observance is LKA based in San Francisco with chapters in Palm Springs and Portland. Click here to visit the observance day website. Exit Disclaimer

Locate HIV Testing and Other Services

Locate HIV Testing and Other Services

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National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day. September 18

Many federal agencies work to improve the health and wellbeing of older people in the U.S. Read about the work and goals of the Administration for Community Living.

Read this post about Federal activities addressing HIV and aging.

Here are several more agencies responding to the epidemic:

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Positive Spin

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Learn more about this series of real stories from real people about their unique experiences along the HIV Continuum of Care.

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National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Read the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Updated to 2020 (PDF 2.2 MB).

Watch Our Strategy: National HIV/AIDS Strategy Updated to 2020 Exit Disclaimer video.

Visit to find out about the Health Insurance Marketplace and more, and to learn about the Affordable Care Act and HIV.

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June 5th: HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day

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Learn about the Epidemic

Learn about the Epidemic

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Learn the HIV/AIDS Basics. Know the Facts, Take Care of Yourself.

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