What are Mashups?

A mashup combines data from more than one source into a single tool or interface. This combination, or “mashup,” allows you to see a connection between two or more sources. Mashups can allow you to search for and locate information and services. For instance, one data source can be a map (such as Google Maps Exit Disclaimer) and the other can be a database (such as clinic addresses) to provide a map of clinic locations to users. Mashups can also help you track information such as disease outbreaks.

Creating your own mashup requires a certain level of understanding of software technology, but there are several online tools that do not require technical expertise. You can customize many ready-made mashups by using your own data. If you are interested in creating your own mashups, tools such as ZeeMaps Exit Disclaimer and’s list of data tools can help you get started.

How Can I Use Mashups In Response to HIV?

  • Connect people living with HIV to services such as housing and HIV testing.
  • Post and find HIV-related job openings.
  • Understand who the epidemic impacts.
  • View where events are planned and held.

What are Some Examples from the Field?

Where Can I Learn More?

Last revised: 07/01/2013