Watch this video in a new window National HIV/AIDS Strategy Meeting - February 24, 2010

[Ronald Johnson] I took away the progress that has been made to date and where the interagency group where the Office of National AIDS Policy is going.

[Phil Wilson] Well I think that the most important take away is the National AIDS Strategy process is happening and the intergovernmental committee is working. That there are a number of things that have already happened uh but that the process has begun.

[Venton Jones] Being able to come here and see the recommendations and to see the plan moving forward is definitely something that I can take home to the community as well as to the committee. There’s progress that’s being made here for the domestic issue around HIV/AIDS.

[Michelle Taylor] It was very encouraging to see that there is going to be a collaborative and dedicated effort around addressing the issue of HIV among various communities.

[Kevin Dennis] It really meant a lot to hear that the government is working across agencies and within agencies to develop a unified strategy that can be used for the country as a whole. I think that this is something that has been a long time coming and I’m really looking forward to it.

[Frank Oldham, Jr.] We have an amazing opportunity to really change AIDS in the United States, to change HIV in the United States for the better. For the first time I think in a decade. And I really feel this is well organized, thought out, and the level of intelligence behind the plan will make it successful. So I’m very optimistic.