Partner/Family Member/Loved One

Understanding HIV/AIDS

An HIV diagnosis can cause significant stress for your loved one and for you as a member of his or her support system. If you are going to be helping someone living with HIV, you need to understand the basic facts about HIV and AIDS — including how it is, and is NOT, transmitted. For more information, see CDC’s Caring for Someone with AIDS at Home.

Support and Resources

People living with HIV/AIDS may experience feelings of hopelessness, depression, stress, and anxiety—and you may experience those things too, as a caregiver. These feelings can come and go rapidly for both of you. It’s very important for both you and your loved one to have support. Check with your local AIDS service organizations to find caregiver support resources.

Helping Someone Recently Diagnosed

Partner/Family Member/Loved One How To Protect Yourself

Additional Resources

Last revised: 10/11/2010